Technically a grand Moff but you get the idea.


  • Increases construction points available on construction missions
  • Improves over time

Bad ShepherdEdit

  • Decreases population growth on newly colonised worlds

Black ThumbEdit

  • Decreases terraforming rate on colonisation missions


  • More prone to submit to conversion / inquisition
  • Tend to retire earlier

Drill Sergeant Edit

  • Pros: +10% tightening of weapon accuracy cones
  • Cons: +5% fleet supply consumption

Evangelist (Liir Only)Edit

  • Evangelists have a chance to convert captured enemy admirals (causes the player to see enemy fleet movements of the converted admiral's empire for the next 10 turns)

Good Shepherd

  • Increases population growth on colonised worlds.
  • Ability can improve over time.

Green ThumbEdit

  • Increase terraforming rate on colonisation missions

Headhunter (Morrigi Only)Edit

  • 50/50 chance of converting captured enemy admirals (join the Morrigi empire as a new admiral)

Inquisitor (Zuul only)Edit

  • Chance to steal a trait from a captured enemy admiral (removes the captured admiral)


  • Increases the time required to complete a survey mission by 1 or 2 turns


  • Decreases the time required for a survey mission by 1 or 2 turns.


  • Better chance of escaping the destruction of the command vessel
  • Ability can improve over time


  • Reduces fleet upkeep costs

True BelieverEdit

  • Less vulnerable to Inquisitors and Evangelists
  • Tend to retire at a later age


  • Improved chance of intercepting pirates on patrol and interdict missions


  • Increases fleet upkeep costs
  • Ability can 'improve' over time