nicknames can be acquired after combat using the type of ship. IF nicknamed the nickname appears under the ships name in the fleet available designs. names seen so far and their descriptions follow.

Aces and Eights Edit

  • +15% Rate of Fire (RoF) +20% Signature
  • -this class Fights hard but draws a lot of attention to itself.

Dead Eye Edit

  • +10% accuracy with ALL weapons
  • - Synergies between weapons and scanners give this ship design an edge in accuracy.

Lewis & ClarkEdit

  • +10% Scanner range. double survey Efficiency
  • - this design lends itself to scanner and survey work through lucky synergies in sensors and computers.

Muscle MachineEdit

  • +10% speed, - 20% turn speed +20% forward thrust.
  • - this design has resulted in more forward speed and thrust at the cost of some maneurverability.

Ol Yellow StreakEdit

  • - 10% Rate of fire (RoF) -20% Signature
  • - this ship lends itself better to stealth than combat.

Spirit of the YorktownEdit

  • +50% Chance to repair critical hits.
  • - the modularity of this design aids greatly in the ability of the crew to effect repairs under combat conditions.