Sots2 researchtree


Navigating the Tech TreeEdit

Unlike in SOTS 1, you must click on the scroll arrows in order to switch from one tech tree to another. You may also double-click annother tech to jump to its tree.

You may Right-click and drag in the vertical direction still.

Can I Research ThisEdit

There are THREE colors of lines (not counting the wierd animated one of the tech you are currently researching) connecting technologies.

  • Green: You have already researched it
  • Yellow: If you research this tech you are guarenteed to get it eventually. Turn Estimate is displayed in top left.
  • Blue: You may not be able to research this. To find out you must spend # turns conducting a feasability study. AFTER the feasability study is complete it will give you a % chance of succeding in aquiring the technology. That means there must also be a percent chance that you will fail and have wasted some time.


Each tech you research will unlock more (probably related) techs to research.

After you have clicked the research button, each turn a portion of your income will be spent on research. You can adjust this with the Government-Research slider which is both on the Reaserch Screen and the Strategic Screen.

Research will never directly put you into negative savings as it only takes out of your income. However, since it effectivly reduces your available income it is quite possible to spend your money on other things that WILL put you into the negative.

The research time is not final, and at this point I do not believe it is completely accurate. If you direct more funds towards research, you will research the technology faster. If you direct more towards government the tech will take longer to research. You may get lucky and get a breakthrough, finishing research ahead of schedule. Or you could go overbudget and take even longer to research.


This is the same as in SOTS 1. It is not possible to go more than 150% over budget without getting the tech

.(If you did not need to do a feasability study)

Appairently if a tech is only 3% feasable and you still research it, it may go overbudget forever.