see how canada is split up into provinces. some people may call them diffrent but it all means the same thing.

A Province is a collection of Systems which have been organized into a single administrative unit.

Forming a ProvinceEdit

To form a new Province, click the “Province View” button on the bottom of the strategic map screen. This will light up all of the Systems in your Empire which are not currently organized into Provinces. Click on a System in the region where you wish to establish a new Province. The available Systems lit up will then be limited to those which are within an appropriate distance in light-years. Only Systems within a limited range can be joined into a Province.

A standard Province at the beginning of a game consists of three Systems, but the number of Systems and the distance between Systems can be increased by researching certain Technologies, and Province formation is also enhanced by certain Government Types. Once you have selected the appropriate number of Systems for your new Province, establish the Provincial Capitol by clicking on the System and selecting the Planet which will serve as the administrative hub. Once this is done, you will be able to name the Province.


The benefits of organizing your Systems into Provinces are many. An organized territory will see a significant increase in revenues from Trade, because Trade between Provinces is more lucrative. There are significant decreases in Piracy and corruption as your officials crack down and establish order. Systems which belong to established Provinces enjoy a reduced Morale cost associated with taxation, and see a significant increase in civilian-funded colonization and development.