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Imperial Treasury value displayed on Main Screen limited to 6 digits.

comradek posted this on the Steam forums. Build 17369b Bugs List---- Okay, in lieu of being angry at Kerb, let's try to be a little constructive and track down some bugs.
It would be great if y'all could try to confirm these, and I'll try to do likewise with any you post.
I've color-coded them in terms of severity
General bugs: - Game crashes to desktop after clicking "OK" after combat
- Game crashes to desktop in Fleet Management Screen.
- Trying to switch to another in-game screen (research, colonize, etc) dims the game to grey, fails to bring up the screen, and provides no way to exit. Requires forced exit to quit.
- Game crashes to desktop after trying to create province - Sound cuts out intermittently
- Full Screen mode doesn't work and requires alt-tab.
- "Windowed Mode" option doesn't work.
- Game takes a really long time to switch between research screens, colonization screens, etc.
- Options menu is greyed out.
- Many tooltips missing.
- Tooltips appear behind windows.
- Sometimes weapon hard points disappear in design section.
- Meteors storms apparently controlled by enemy factions.
- Sometimes text doesn't appear on main menu.
- Ship scuttling is broken. Cannot confirm scuttle.
- "Insert System Render Here!!!" after battle.
- Resuming autosave after battle with Spectres results in Spectre fleet on the planet's Fleets screen. (resulting in me attempting to scrap them photobucket)
- Resizing window causes text to disappear from menus at some resolutions.
- Random encounters still appear after turning random encounters down to 0
- Saved invoices window is missing
- Players forced to sit through AI vs AI battle simulation (eg, Meteors vs Liir, Tarka vs Liir, VN vs Swarm, etc). Working as intended? - Encyclopedia far from complete
- Build screen simply states the different sections of the ship (Command, Mission, Engine), rather than what the sections are (e.g., Hammerhead, Armor, F-Node Fusion). Makes for difficult fleet building early game. (working as intended?)
- Deleted designs are still buildable
- No intro video.
- Appropriate sound effects heard long after Paradox/Kerberos icons appear.
- Autosaves of loaded autosaves result in a filename like (autosave)(autosave)

-Can't join multiplayer game, crashes when Host launches game.

The CTD and lockup bugs only appear to happen for some.
Fixed bugs as of 17369c:
- Fixed some intermittent crashes that could occur on the star map.
- Solved an issue where planet details screen might not clear out old information.
- Fixed black ships in star map.
- Fixed other graphical glitches that have been reported.
Edit: Looks like Paradox is forwarding the bugs we've found to Kerberos