A beam of charged particles that deliver intense heat and EM damage.

This is another base technology of the energy weapons.

requires: UV Laser

Allows research into

Heavy Combat Lasers

Neutron Beam

Weapon Info Edit

Particle Beam Edit

Partical beams

Size: Heavy

Mount: Spinal, Standard

Technology:Particle Beam


Crew: 3

Power: 5

Supply: 1

Signature: 5

HP: 50

Armor Piercing Level:0

Ricochet Modifier:-10

Critical Hit Rolls:0

Critical Hit Bonus:50%

Malfunction Percent:15%

Malfunction Damage:50

Weapon Type:Beam

Beam Damage Every:0.5 sec.

Attributes: Brawler, Energy

Notes Edit

This information valid for Version 25003.10

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