Improved reflective coating

A subsurface layer of highly reflective ceramic combined with a curved EM field which increases the chance of reflecting incoming laser fire.

Requires Reflective Coating to be researched first.

can lead to:

  • Hardend Electronics
  • Stealth Armor


This information valid for Version 25003.10

Improved Reflective Coating adds a +1.2 Ricochet Modifier against all of the bolt type laser weapons (Red, Green, UV and X-Ray Lasers) as well as Pulse Phasers. Additionally, the damage from Beamers (Green, UV and X-Ray) is reduced by -60%. The damage from regular beams is not reduced, as those are all particle based.  Heavy Combat Lasers, Lancers, Cutting Beams and Photonic Torpedos are too powerful for Improved Reflective Coating to have any effect.