Prior the launch of the Nova Maria, Solomon Blasky had appointed Ashilde Falke as co-Director of Sol Force, as he needed an assistant to manage its domestic operations. With his death, Falke assumed full control over the organization and its infrastructure. In the days following the Hiver attack, she appealed to the Consortia governments for the funds to build a new generation of armed Node Ships. Their mandate would be to hunt down the surviving dreadnought and support vessels of the Hiver fleet and destroy them before they could return to attack Terra and its people once more.

The Consortia willingly agreed, and the people of Terra raised no protest when funds were diverted from reconstruction and relief efforts. The Human race was eager for revenge. At the same time, however, the colonial effort had not been forgotten. Although she would not stint the budget for armed destroyers and the development of the first armed Node cruisers, Ashilde Falke also believed passionately in Human expansion, and began building Colony ships to transport as many healthy and capable Humans away from Terra as she could. She considered it foolhardy not to colonize as many star systems as possible. To have the entire Human species living on a single world was a virtual guarantee of extinction.

Within two years Sol Force had developed its first fleet of Node warships and had made contact with the Hivers in a number of nearby systems. In 2412, Obsidian Crown and her surviving children were killed in the Battle of Mjolnir. With no knowledge of Hiver languages and culture, however, the Human race had no way of realizing that the Hivers were not a politically unified species. They continued to wage war against all Hiver clans, although nearly every new clan they found was completely unaware of the existence of the Human race until they were attacked.

The Hiver War continued to rage for decades as the number of Human-occupied worlds increased. By 2415, humankind had also made First Contact with the Tarka and the Liir. Despite early diplomatic efforts made by Tarka visitors in 2416, the Hiver War had expanded to a Hiver-Tarka War by 2417, and the battles would continue until 2436, when Ashilde Falke was killed in a coup and the Directorate was taken over by former Ground Forces Legate Edward Alton MacKenzie.

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