This is a large, silo launched heavy ship missile known traditionally as a 'Polaris Class Missile'. This bridges the gap between standard ship missiles and planetary defense missile. The larger guidance systems allow the HS Missile to dynamically acquire a new target if their original target is destroyed.

Requires: Heavy Planet Missiles

Allws research into: Kinetic Missiles

HS Missiles are required to build

ship section:Edit

  • HVY Missile Barrage
  • Leviathans

Defence platform
Polaris Missile

Missile Satellites.

Stats Edit

  • Size:Very Heavy
  • Mount:Polaris Missile
  • Technology:Heavy Ship
  • Crew:6
  • Power:2
  • Supply:14
  • Signature:2
  • HP:0
  • Armor Piercing Level:0
  • Ricochet Modifier:-10
  • Critical Hit Rolls:2
  • Critical Hit Bonus:35%
  • Malfunction Percent:5%
  • Malfunction Damage:150
  • Weapon Type:Missile
  • MAX Flight Time:95 sec.

Attributes: Explosive, Stand Off, Tracking, Upgradable

Notes Edit

This information valid for Version 25003.10

These are very good early technology for depopulating planets. 4 ships with this missile can take even a fully populated size10 planet to 0 population in a few rounds.

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