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misc. info - from inductile, Paradox forumsEdit

Hi, here is a collection of random useful things I've learned as I've been experimenting with the game.
How to run the game in 64-bit mode (if you have a 64-bit OS)
- Tests indicate that when you start the game through Steam, you will by default only run the 32-bit .exe...
- Find the x64 .exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\sword of the stars ii\bin\x64
- run sots2.exe
Some basic SOTS II fleet concepts:
- Ships must be assigned to fleets in order to undertake missions.
- Fleets must have a Command Ship (a ship with a CnC section). Look in the ship design screen to find out which default ship has a CnC section).
- A fleet must contain the "Essential ships" for the mission (i.e. Colonizer), to undertake that mission.
- Fleets have a base of operations, to which they return after most missions.
- Fleets may be relocated to another base of operations.
- Fleets can only be relocated to a system with enough command points for the fleet.
- To get more command points available at a star, build a Naval Station there (upgrade with command modules for even more command).
- You build naval stations with construction ships, which are "Essential ships" for the base construction mission.
- A fleet must be in range of the destination to undertake a mission.
- Provided your fleet is within a certain distance of a naval base, they are considered to “fully supported.” In order for them to go past the naval base’s support range, they should bring along support ships.
- Fleets have an endurance value (based on the fleet ships' supply), which is how many turns it can travel outside the naval base's support range.
- You can view the maximum support range of your naval bases from the "Support Range" view (switch from "Normal View")
- Ships which are not assigned to fleets are assigned to the "Reserve" group and have a reduced upkeep cost.