Sots2 3 plane combat


The Art of PEW PEWING the enemy ships to death before they do it to your ships. generally helps if you have bigger guns. 

Some Tips you can use in combat.

- Roll is nice when you have one ship and you have multiple ships firing on you. Use this to distubute the damage around your ship. ONce the armor on on side it gone that part of the ship will take more damage. Ex. Your Human Cruiser has taken a lot of damage in its mid section(The whole top grid is red). The hostiles launch a heavy attack at you, you roll your ship and that damage (which would have destroyed that section) was now taking by your second grid of damage. (Hard to learn at first best experience is if done in combat.

- Planes are perfect ways of controling damage and striking back Ex. You have a Laser Dreadnout Ship trying to kill your two Cruisers Laser cruisers.

Take one and put it on the highest plane and take the other and put in on the lowest.

Have the top plane grab the arggo of the attacking ships and that ship should turn and look up. At that time use the second ship to take out his  engines and he will be helpless and stuck on his upward phase. Move your top plane ship to the middle while your bottom is still attacking. He wont be able to fire his weapons (Unless there are missiles) at you because his guns cant target you. thus making the Hostile ship is no more.

- The best damage dealing weapon that i use is the Antimattter Torpedos

- PD Are important or have on your ships ( Human, Zuul, and Tarka use missiles alot! and you will need it to defeat them Plus planet missile can be destroyed with PDs.)

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