Many new players might find the game daunting at the start. All you see is a lot of stars, some of them are yours, but the majority are just grey names. To find out what hides behind this grey name, you have to "Survey" the system. eXplore.For this you need these things:

  • A star to survey
  • A fleet within range
  • Time

In order to explore a star, you right click the desired star and click "survey". This will bring you to a menu of available fleets nearby. Select the one you want to use for this mission, and proceed. You have now given an order to that fleet, which basicly says "You there! Go explore this star, and report back to me when you are done!"

It seems like a common misconception many people have is that only the fleet named "Survey fleet" can survey. This is false! Every fleet can do it, so don't panic when the starter fleet is busy and you wanna explore some more.

The duration of the survey mission is affected by several variables. It's affected by the size of the fleet, the size of the system to survey, if Deep Scan is used and also by the Admiral Special Characteristics that can affect either positively or negativly the duration of the mission and those are the Pathfinder and Livingstone.

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