Admirals are officers with the skill, training, and authority to command a Fleet. No Fleet will be able to perform Missions unless it is assigned an Admiral to command its assets.

An Admiral and a CnC ship are needed for fleet formation. Number of Admirals available to a player is a function of Planets and Planet sizes, plus the number of size 4 (or 5) naval stations.

All Admirals have a set of Base Characteristics, which include Name, Age, Race, Sex/Gender, Planet of Birth, Loyalty, Reaction Rating, and Evasion Rating.

Some Admirals will also have one or more Special Characteristics which may affect their ability to perform certain Missions, or their behavior under stress.

Admirals are a complex part of SotS2. Besides the characteristics mentioned before, each admiral has a personal history that needs to be taken into account when playing the game so that the player can make the best use possible from their officers. Each race has a set of cultural and biological rules that can affect your admiral, below is a table of those rules.

In years Human Hiver Liir Horde Zuul Tarka Morrigi Prester Zuul
Become an Admiral 35+/-10 30+/-15 170+/-60 25+/-5 30+/-15 95+/-25 35+/-10
Retirement 65 65 400 50 75 270 70
Death 90 80 Not applicable 65 80 300 90

Note, the ages of retirement and death presented are the minimum ages.

No admiral can live forever, unless the player researchs Personality Engrams which allows your admiral to become a virtual being but is unable to learn new skills.

From game files.

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