Along side the Special Characteristics of each admiral, goes three other important traits:

  • Loyalty - Loyalty is a measure of an officer's willingness to serve the empire, in particular the interests of the Player. Loyalty will be tested if the Admiral's Planet of Birth ever rebels against the empire, and it is also the quality that is tested when the Admiral is captured by an Inquistor, an Evangelist or a Headhunter. Admirals with the True Believer Characteristic add a hefty bonus to all tests of Loyalty.
  • Reaction - This number is a measure of an Admiral's ability to move quickly and anticipate the movements of the enemy. An Admiral with a high Reaction Rating is more likely to get an extra Fleet movement. The lowest possible Reaction Rating is 1, the highest possible Reaction Rating is 99.
  • Evasion - This number is a measure of an Admiral's ability to survive the loss of the Fleet to which he or she was assigned. When the last Command ship of a Fleet is destroyed, this number represents the Admiral's base percentage chance of survival. The lowest possible Evasion Rating is 1, the highest is 99.

  • Taken from the game files, encyclopedia.