This Page has more of the intermediate features of combat. THIS IS UN-FINISHED.

Another combat feature many don't know is the combat grids. Those are the grids around your ship mostly 3 for every 3 corner. If one is completely destroyed you'll lose that section. Which is why it is good to distribute damage all around your ship to avoid that.(Though it takes longer for small arms to pierce though it).

Some of you may have noticed that when shooting or getting shot at as/by humans your ships tend to jump around the place. That's not a glitch is a combat feature. This is a beginner version of the thumper. (Aka the Mass driver). This is an effective way with dealing with hostile due to the fact that weapon arcs can be pushed off course Ex. A hostile Lirr Torpedo ship is about to fire his torpedoes, your Thumpers/Mass driver ( if your lucky) can push the ship off target. Thus making that ship miss.